How it works

We now deliver deliciousness everyday until 2pm – with free delivery in under one hour.*

You can order any time, from any where…either on the day, or in advance! At your desk or on the loo, not to worry, The Grubb Hubs’ got you!

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How it works

Placing your order on the day…

Order before 11am

If you place your order before 11am, we promise to deliver your lunch to you by 12.30pm

Order between 12pm – 2pm

We will aim to get your lunch to you in under half an hour!

The cut off time for same day delivery, is 2pm. You may however order in advance for a day later in the week… in this case your order will arrive earlier in the day.

Deliveries will commence at around 11am – it may be a good idea to pop your lunch bag in the fridge until it’s ready to devour.

Please note: That if your address is situated outside of the Herdsman Estate, then your deliveries may occur outside of our stated delivery times.

We currently deliver to the Herdsman Estate, Osborne Park. If you can’t find your building address on our drop-down list when checking out, please let us know using our ‘contact’ page.

For enquiries to new buildings in other areas of Osborne Park, please send us an enquiry




We Deliver to Osborne Park

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