We’re pretty confident you will find our website easy to use… however we know you could be distracted by that rumbling in your stomach and may have missed something, so just incase, we’ve answered our most frequently asked questions…



Ordering Online

Can I order lunch for the same day?

YES! YES! … and YES! That is what we are all about. So, here’s the deal; You have until 2pm to place your order with us, and still receive delivery the same day (we know, good isn’t it?).

If you place your order before 11am – we pinky promise to get to you by 12:15pm. If you order between 12:00pm – 2pm, we aim to get lunch to you within the hour!

But be careful…get your orders in early to avoid disappointment as we very often sell out.

Please note that if you’re situated outside of the Herdsman Estate, then deliveries may occur outside of our stated time frames.

Can I order in advance for multiple days?

Excellent idea! If you are looking to plan your weekly lunches around your work schedule, our system allows you to place orders days in advance.  Just choose what day you’d like your lunch to arrive from the drop down menu right in the middle of the ‘home’ page!

If you do want to place multiple orders for different days in the week you will have to do each one separately and ‘checkout’, then simply start again and choose a different delivery day for your next order. ‘Easy peasy’.

What time will I receive my lunch?

It depends on what time you place your order:

If you place your order before 11am – we pinky promise to get to you by 12:15pm. If you order between 12:00 – 2pm, we aim to get lunch to you within one hour.

The earliest you could receive your delivery is 11 am… don’t worry, we will email you upon arrival and you can pop it in the fridge until lunch.


Unfortunately we are unable to honour alteration requests or ‘additional ingredient’ requests to our recipes.

Can i order lunch for multiple people?

Of course! Every lunch item you choose allows you to add a side note to it. So for example you could order 5 different sandwiches for 5 different people in your office and add their names to each sandwich so you know which sandwich belongs to which person when they arrive!

Do you do office platters/catering?

Yes! If your office requires catering for a function or meeting just send us an email via our ‘Contact’ page explaining what you are after and we will be happy to help!

Please note that we will need a little bit of notice in advance for catering but we will do our best!  :)

Can i order lunch for the weekend?

Sure!… but it wont work, unfortunately our service is only available MondayFriday. You will have to fend for yourselves over the weekend!

This is a really good idea.

Thank you… but that wasn’t a question?




Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to selected buildings within the Herdsman Estate, Osborne Park. Checkout the lunch delivery page for more info.

Where do I collect my lunch from?

We will leave your lunch either at your company’s allocated ‘drop-off ‘ area or at reception. Once your scrumptious food has been delivered we will send you an email so you can grab it before it gets eaten!

What happens if i’m not around to collect my order?

Due to the nature of our business and us having to stick to a time schedule your order will always be left at your office reception area and an email notification sent to you informing you when it arrives. Once this has happened its up to you to make sure you collect your lunch in a timely manner.

Will you be delivering to other buildings/areas eventually?

YES! If you can’t find your building on our list, do not fear! We will be constantly expanding to cover more buildings throughout Osborne Park. If you would like us to service your building please fill out the enquiry form located on the ‘lunch delivery’  page and we will be happy to speak with you.