About The Grubb Hub

We guess this is the part where we tell you how passionate we are, explain our vision and convey how poignant our ethos is?

Well… it’s a little simpler than that.

The Grubb Hub, hand-craft a proper lunch using fresh local ingredients and deliver it to your work. By proper lunch, we mean healthy real food.

There you go, that was easy…

How it started

Now if you’re interested… our idea sprouted like a new born lamb (in spring).

After 4 years working in an office, deep within the midst of Perth’s Osborne Park estate; Ashley felt he never had the time to eat what he wanted for lunch, whilst at work. It may be a male thing, but getting lunch organised everyday was a task and the other options around the office didn’t provide the fresh, healthier options he wanted.

‘What if I want to eat something for lunch, within range of the office, that didn’t make me feel guilty or sleepy after devouring?  What if there was a way I could order lunch online from my phone or PC, and just know it was on its way, just in time for lunch? ‘

Well, we (Ashley & Carlo) decided to give it a go…

‘Farm to desk concept’

We cannot escape the cliche, however, the goal is to achieve a clean-seamless online ordering experience, yet same day delivery without compensating on the quality of food. Ensuring that the end product is delivered to you looking awesome and packed full of flavour, is paramount! It’s as simple as that. We support local farms whilst scouring the land for the best ingredients to create a ‘farm to desk’ lunch just for you (and others).